6 Signs That You Should Replace Your Carpet

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Even the most diligent cleaners have to replace carpets eventually. However, when will you know it’s time to replace your carpet?

Generally, carpet has a 5-15 year lifespan. Yet, the lifespan depends on quality, padding, and usage. For example, hallways typically wear more than bedrooms. Similarly, larger families’ carpets see more foot traffic than those of smaller families.

Often, the decision to replace your carpet gets made after you find multiple problems. Some signs are obvious while others take so me investigation. To help you decide when you should consider replacing carpet, look for the following signs.


The carpets’ material plays a vital role in the determining whether your carpet develops matts. Polyester carpet may feel nice, but tends to have weak resistance to matting. Once polyester carpet matts down, there’s not a lot you can do to salvage it. Older carpet that experiences heavy foot traffic also typically can’t be restored.

When you replace carpet because of matting, make sure your new carpet can withstand the traffic. Consider nylon carpeting. This material resists matting and lasts longer than polyester carpet. You can also help your new carpet last longer with regular deep cleaning.


Have you started to hide carpet stains with rugs and furniture? If you have more than a couple stains in your carpet, consider replacing it. As you spill on your carpet, you can try using stain remover and other cleaners. If you have carpets with stain-resistant finish, know that after a few years this treatment fades, leaving carpets susceptible to stains and damage.

Be careful trying DIY stain removers such as plant food, wine, bleach, mustard, and tea, as these solutions often result in hard-to-eliminate stains. You should also avoid trying online DIY tricks. These treatments, along with some store bought products, can cause more damage to your carpet. The best solution when you have multiple severe stains is to replace the carpet.


Biological substances such as pet urine, vomit, or mold can cause bacteria to build up underneath your carpet. If you find these stains, the only thing you can do to make sure you completely eradicate the problem is completely replace the carpet.

The damp environment in some basements can exacerbate mold problems in the carpet. If your carpet experiences any standing water conditions, such as a flood, mold will likely follow. You should replace carpet before the mold infests your carpets. You can identify mold by its musty smell or a flare of allergies. You can also purchase a mold test kit to determine mold levels in your carpet.

Carpet Padding Condition

Your carpet padding acts like a pillow under your carpet-it’s the layer that makes carpet comfortable to sit on. The padding also buffers noise to keep rooms quiet and insulates the floor. If your carpet has wrinkles, lies unevenly, or makes crinkle sounds when you walk on it, your carpet padding needs to be replaced.

Foul Odors

If you can smell a foul odor coming from your carpet, you may need to replace it. Foul odors can come from mold or pets. Pet owne
rs should regularly clean carpets to keep foul odors away. However, if you smell odors even after a deep cleaning, the odor may have pe
netrated deeply within the carpet fibers. These situations often require carpet replacement.


After a few years, you may want to update your carpet because it doesn’t look as nice as you would like. You should never feel embarrassed by your carpet when entertaining guests. For instance, if you have 1970s carpet that doesn’t match your room design, you should consider replacing your carpet.

You may also want to replace carpet if you plan to sell your home. Many buyers look for quality flooring when they consider purchasing a home. However, some prefer to pick the flooring out on their own. In these cases, you may want to offer a flooring allowance so they can choose the carpet they prefer.

If you have noticed one or more of these signs, call a professional to replace your commercial carpet with one you can take pride in.

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