The Best Types of Floors for Pet Owners

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Many people love their pets, but don’t love what damage those pets do to their floors. Luckily, there are several pet-friendly flooring
options that minimize the damage.

The type of floor you should choose depends on what type of pet you have, how well trained your pet is, whether your pet has claw
s or nails, and whether your pet lives mostly indoors or outdoors. Depending on your pet and the look you want for your home, you can
choose from stylish yet durable floors that every member of the family can enjoy.

Types of Pet-Friendly Flooring


In general, typical hardwood floors aren’t the best choice for pet owners because pets can scratch floors-and the wood tends to soa
k up moisture. But for pet owners who love the look of hardwood floors but don’t want to deal with the damage, there are ways to make
hardwood work.

When it comes to choosing the type of wood for your floor, the harder the wood, the better. Brazilian cherry, walnut, and bamboo a
re excellent options because they aren’t easily scratched by nails and are easier to clean if your pet has an accident on the floor.


For pet owners with energetic pets, vinyl is a good flooring option. Besides being scratch-, crack-, and dent-resistant, it’s easy to clea
n and even softens the sound of your pet’s nails as they click-clack across the floor. Vinylcomes in many varieties, so you can choose a b
eautiful floor that complements your home.

Tile and Stone

Tile and stone are very hard to scratch, which is good news for pet owners. Messes are a cinch to clean in most situations, but if you
choose a pattern with thicker grout, you may have a more difficult time removing stains from the grout.

Because these floors can be a little cold for your pets, adding rugs provides warmth. Rugs are also beneficial because they are easy t
o clean and less expensive to replace than flooring.


If your pets have free reign over the home, consider laminate flooring. It cleans easily so you have more time to enjoy your pets inst
ead of cleaning up after them. If your pet has an accident, you don’t need to worry about the mess staining the floor.

However, laminate can also be slippery for pets, so adding some rugs is a good option if your pets struggle getting around the house


Linoleum is another flooring option that is easy to clean, which is important if you have pets that tend to have accidents or shed a lot
. Besides being easy to clean, linoleum floors are also water resistant, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial. Yet, linoleum floors also tend to cre
ate more noise and can be slippery.


Many people like carpet because it is comfortable for them as well as their pets. However, carpet isn’t always the best choice for those
who have pets because it’s so easy to damage.

Fortunately, there are some carpeting options that can work in pet-friendly homes. Carpet without loops won’t get pets’ nails caught
when they walk. Nylon or polyester carpets are good choices because they have built-in stain protection. If your pets have frequent acci
dents in the house, carpets with patterns and color will also help hide any stains. If you choose carpet tiles, professionals can replace secti
dents in the house, carpets with patterns and color will also help hide any stains. If you choose carpet tiles, professionals can replace secti
ons that become damaged by pets.

If you’re worried about choosing the right floor for your home that will last even with pets, visit a flooring company. They can help y
ou decide which type of flooring will look best in your home and will best survive wear and tear from pets.

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